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  Orabloc Sales Sheet with Full Prescribing Information 3/31/2017
   Orabloc Sales Sheet with Full Prescribing Information   view »
  OrablocĀ® Sales Sheet 3/29/2017
  Orabloc differentiates itself from other dental anesthetics in a number of ways. To see a brief summary of this information click here:   view »
  Clinical Tip #5 5/12/2016
  Allergy to local anaesthetic agents used in dentistry - whare are the signs, symptoms, alternative diagnoses and management options?   view »
  Clinical Tip #6 5/12/2016
  An observation on the superiority of Articaine versus Lidocaine in Dental Anesthesia   view »
  Clinical Tip #4 3/3/2016
  Articaine and Paresthesia in Dental Anesthesia   view »
  Orabloc Safety Data Sheet 3/3/2016
      view »
  Clinical Tip #1 11/30/2015
  Articaine and Lidocaine: how their chemical properties can impact your clinical use   view »
  Clinical Tip #2 11/30/2015
  Aseptic vs. Terminal sterilization manufacturing processes for dental anesthetics in glass cartridges.   view »
  Clinical Tip #3 11/30/2015
  Ensuring successful anesthesia with a local anesthetic   view »
  Articaine and Lidocaine: How They Work and Their Differences 7/29/2015
  Sponsored by Orabloc®, this PDF summarizes and explains certain characteristics and chemical attributes that predict how these anesthetics work in human tissue. These attributes are explained in some detail and will give you an appreciation of how they work and the differences between them.   view »
  Inside the Orabloc Cartridge 11/7/2014
  Learn about the chemical and physical composition of Orabloc anesthetic, including safety and handling and a discussion of potential defects and complaints.   view »
  Before You Inject 11/25/2013
  Many factors influence the success or failure of injectable dental anesthetics. For a summary of these factors click here:   view »
  OrablocĀ® Sales Brochure 11/25/2013
  Orabloc has many features and benefits as compared to other anesthetics. For a full disclosure of these and for a copy of the prescribing information click here:   view »
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